Training and Events


Training,  Demos and Competitions Dates and Details


NB- All training must be booked by completing the booking and sent to organiser with fee - No place will be secured via text, email or facebook  - Thank you


Please respect the training facilities we use - the owners very kindly support the riding club and in return BBDRC expects  all members to leave facilities clean and tidy, including car parks. 





Training form Application

word version of Training Form(for completion and email)


Health and Safety Policy 


Our training and events can now be booked by choosing the option to book a session or enter classes here links. Please ensure when using these options that you include the following in additional information:

Training: Preferred time and the level(flatwork)/height(jumping) you feel most comfortable with as this will enable us to group riders of similar abilities/levels. Also please include emergency contact details.

Event: Please ensure that you include your horses name and emergency contact details.

Please also note by choosing this option, you are automatically agreeing to the event/training rules.

Booking Events and Training Information


Please DO NOT  worry if you don't prefer this option , you are still able to complete the training form application along with a cheque to the events organiser


  • 22nd April Will Murray Simulated XC Sessions, Lane Farm Equestrian:
  • 30th April Shelley Wilson Caveletti Sessions, Lane Farm Equestrian:
  • 10th May BBDRC Pass Wide and Slow Awareness Ride:
  • 13th May Jade Thompson XC clinic, Gloucester Lodge:
  • 14th May Alastair Parkin Flatwork Sessions, Lane Farm Equestrian:
  • 27th May Will Murray Gridwork Sessions, Lane Farm Equestrian:
  • 28th May Shelley Wilson Polework Sessions, Lane Farm Equestrian:
  • 22nd-24th June BBDRC ParkEnd Camp, ParkEnd Equestrian:
  • 20th-22nd August BBDRC ParkEnd Camp, ParkEnd Equestrian: