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Members Training. 

Training to resume in April 2021. 

Open to Booking


Dressage Competition 

18th April 2021



14th July 2021



Showing Show 

31st May 2021

Schedule to follow. 
















Welcome to BBDRC 


Bedlington, Blyth & District Riding Club was established on 26th April 1976 with five founder members. Vera Harrison, Anne Bird, Anne Lough and was originally called the “Kitty Brewster Riding Club”.


Vera Harrison, was awarded The Leo Harris, British Riding Club Award for Long Service and retired after 31 loyal years to the Club. 


At the October 2013 AGM it was  put to members to withdraw from being affiliated due to difficulties in providing help for Area 2 Winter and Summer leagues. Members voted overwhelmingly in favour of  becoming non-affiliated stating that the training and local events was what interested them most in becoming a member.


The Club currently has around 100 members who take part in various disciplines ranging from dressage to endurance riding. it aims to allow and motivate riders to achieve their ambitions. We understand that riders are interested in different aspects of the sport and are riding at different levels and so we aim to offer training, events to suit you and your horse. The club hosts a large number of events thoughout the year.