Our second Sponsor of our Working Hunter Show in September is the wonderful Derek Grant Photos. Derek is a photographer who captures all of those special moments in our riding club events including Showjumping and Dressage. All of his work is loved by all and is available in photos, canvasses, coasters and much more.


Please head over to his website for more information and a browse of his wonderful work : 

URL: http://www.derekgrantphotos.com/ 

Enjoy below, a sneak peak of one of his photos from covering a equestrian event.












Our first Sponsor of our Working Hunter Show in September is the brilliant RS Equine which is ran by the lovely Bekki Schofield.

Bekki is a fully insured and qualified freelance groom and rider who offers a range of Schooling and breaking services including livery.


For more information , Please head over to her wondeful facebook page: 

URL: http://www.facebook.co.uk


Our third sponsor for our Working hunter show in September is North East Animal Massage which is ran by talented Aimee Shiel. North East Animal Massages do sports massage therapy for our beloved horses and dogs, using the latest therapies available to keep them feeling happy and healthy. 


Contact Number: 07731979916