Self Certification

BBDRC hosts a number of events / training and have put in the following guidance to ensure that safety is key an ensuing that we protect the riders and horses welfare.


Please ensure that you read the following information and confirm / agree with the terms via filling in the below form no. we ask that this is completed prior the event / training you have chosen.


we all have a duty to minimise the spread of infection diseases either human ee.g (Covid 19 / equine influenza or herpes.



  • You or anyone in your household are not displaying any COVID 19 symptons.
  • You will not attend if you have been told to self isolate / Sheild
  • You will follow social distancing procedures at all times. ensuring that you follow the goverment guidance at pressent time. 


  • your horse/ponies is upto date with equine influenza vaccinations. your horse must have had the first and second vaccination and subsequent annual boosters.
  • Horse shows no signs including recent cough or nasal discharge of unknown cause/enlarged lymph nodes/fever 38.5 c/recent neurological signs/diarrhoea. in addition your horse is not under current investigation for EHV infection/is not kept or been in contact with any animals under EHV investigation/has been resident  in the uk for 28 days.
  • If your horse/or any horses on the same premises display any of the above clinical signs do not travel or attend the event


  • If we do not receive a completed form for each event  you will not be able to participate and your entry fee is non returnable
  • All personal information will be deleted after each event and needs to be re-sent prior to subsequent events
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